Fixed: How To Fix Service Error 49.4c02 4700

Fixed: How To Fix Service Error 49.4c02 4700

I hope this guide will help you when you encounter service error 49.4c02 4700.

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    HP Recommended

    Product: HP 4700

    Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)

    My 4700 laser printer encountered a specific error 49.4C02. I narrowed it down to no additional pages in 2016. Starbucks Awards reviews, in particular, use just about any fancy font.

    After an error occurs, you must restart the printer.

    Other print jobs are initially correct from Outlook. I also tried to print the same email sent by someone. Outlook version and laser printer are also correct.

    I tried updating the firmware to the latest available clj4700fw_46_230_6.rfu 46.230, but that didn’t solve the dilemma. Previously, it was supposed to fix error 49.4C02 only for Mac.

    Error 49.4C02 in HP printers is a known bug that is considered a user error that stops all functions running on the printer and prompts you to restart it. The location of the error is displayed on the device screen. For some lucky usersthis amazing thing was a one-time thing, although for some it turned into a constant headache that rendered the printer unusable, although the error reappeared within a few seconds every time this printer’s ink was turned on.

    Error 49.4C02 and many other similar errors are largely due to a miscommunication between the Ambition printer and the system that hosted the print. It could definitely be related to some PDF files someone is trying to print, or using the firmware version of that device. In the case of a PDF for a print job, the printer will almost certainly display it on every reboot, unless that particular print job is canceled by the computer viewing it. With a network printer, tracing the design back to the system that sent the design can be problematic. Below, before moving on to more advanced measures, try turning off the printer and unplugging the power cord and, I would say, the network cable (if connected). Once online, find out whereWhich computer has professional printing installed in the printer and remove it, reconnect the printer’s power supply and the social network cable. Change manufacturer and test it.

    Solution 1: Update The Printer Firmware

    Printer firmware is always similar to Windows firmware and your computer. This is the working system for the printer. Outdated firmware is the prime suspect when you encounter this error on an HP device. Sometimes firmware updates are released for this very reason; H to make the various errors and bugs in the new printer similar to those your business is currently experiencing.

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Everyone should set their computer printers to Ready before continuing. Since this error often occurs when sending a PDF file for printing, you may need to cancel this print job.

    If you’re submitting a printout, you typically press the Windows key and enter devices and machines. Click and Device Printers will appear in the search results. Right-click the installed printer and select “Proceedsee what is being printed”.

    Right-click anywhere in this newly opened window and click “Cancel All Documents”.

    If this is a TV printer and you don’t know who is streaming to the printer, simply unplug the network cable from the printer part to disconnect it from the service. Now restart the printer and leave the network cable unplugged.

    About The Firmware Update Utility

    To update your printer firmware, you first need to check for the latest firmware on your printer. To do this, you definitely need to print the layout from the annoying printer. Use the printer interface and navigate the plan yourself to the “Management” or “Information” section and the “Configuration” section. The location may vary depending on the printer model.

    After installing the latest firmware, go to the HP driver supplier website.

    49.4c02 service error 4700

    Enter your printer model name in the “Enter my HP model number” field. The support page for that professional app will open.tera. Your version of Windows is selected under Operating System.

    The latest firmware will be with the Top. Next to the firmware update, if the current version is the same as the one you attached, click the Download button to download it, preferably for free.

    49.4c02 service error 4700

    Run the firmware update you downloaded earlier. Select the target device update from the drop-down list to publish it. If it is a handheld network printer, connect it directly with a USB printer and install it directly into the system with a cable. Now click “Submit Firmware”.

    Online FTP

    The HP Firmware Update Utility is known to not work on some printers. On network computers, this can also be done using the FTP process. If the printer gives a basic error every time it connects to the network, turn off all other computers it is connected to and also change the printer’s exact IP address.

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