Solutions For Error Code C-2214

Solutions For Error Code C-2214

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  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process
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    It’s worth checking out these troubleshooting ideas if you’re getting error code c-2214.

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    c-2214 error code

    C-2211 (C2211), C-2212(C2212), C-2213 (C2213) or C- 2214 (C2214), typically when the technology is running on thick paper (1/2 line speed).

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    bizhub PRO C6500 heating, display, misuse, crash

    c-2214 error code


    1. Incorrect drum speed.
    Change the attached firmware version 30-GCA PRO (bizhub C6500) or the attached version 12-GCA PRO (bizhub C5500) to correct the speed of all drums.
    After installing the firmware, create the following DipSW for the desired parameter:
    Bit 6 Bit 7
    0 0 Default
    10.1% higher
    0 1 0.2% increase (recommended)
    1 1 up to 0.3%
    If the condition recurs at the recommended value, aim for the 0.3% UP setting.

    The second “upside down” cleaning blade has a comparable color.
    Replace the appropriate print cartridge. To prevent the blade from refolding,Apply setting powder to the surface of the drum.

    3. Incorrect tape speed setting.
    Check the adjustment according to section 10.3.8 Conveyor belt speed adjustment. adjustment) (the printer is in the service manual only. If the adjustment is very important, do not use it between two-5 to -35, reset from -5 to -35. If -5 to -45 does not give a satisfactory result, also follow section 10.3.3. Adjustment FD Mag. (printer
    A. They become drum reader codes; make sure the problem is not disk related.
    b.Playing the latest firmware is also available via the Konica Minolta download switch. Access selector on SSD support website (CS expert support)
    by clicking Download Safety Data Sheet, Drivers, Firmware, etc.

    SPECIAL NOTE. Solution Contribution from Clinton Marquardt, ESS/SSD, linked to Cesar Jimenez, Production Print/SSD

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    List Of Section 83 Error Codes

  • Code: C-2211
  • Description: Malfunction in the operation of the inter-bunker motor (M11). Fault detection signal (ICP failure) is normally detected when M11 is activated.
  • Causes: Intermediate Tray Drive Mechanism (M11) Printer Control Board (PRCB)
  • Solution: 1 Check all connector connections and wiring between PCB and motor and repair if found. – 3 Check the I/O drive of that particular engine and the clutch of each of our gearboxes, repair/replace if faulty. Replace 6-M 3 M11 once in addition to at prcb.
  • Code: c-2212
  • Description: Malfunction in the air separation generator (M10). An error detection signal (ICP reset) is detected when M10 is activated.
  • Causes: Air separator core (M10) Printer board control (PRCB)
  • FixClue: 1 Check the connection and wiring between the PRCB and the motor and repair. – 2 Check alternator I/O drive and white gear coupling, repair/replace if faulty. 5-M 3 Replace M10 and PRCB at time a.
  • Code: C-2213
  • Description: Rotational anomaly on air separation vehicles (M10). The error is accurately detected when the M10 is turned on and the TV is turned off. The error is still recognized today at power up.
  • Causes: Motor Air Circuit Breaker (M10) Printer Control (PRCB) ON
  • Remedy: 1 Check the air separation section and clean/repair it if it is defective.- 1 . 5 Check the connector connection and wiring between PCB and core and repair. – 3 Check the I/O connection of the engine/gearbox combination and repair/replace if there is a problem. Replace 5-M 4 M10. – Replace 5 PRCBs.
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