Suggestions For Solving Error 10401 That Occurred In The Dio Port Configuration

Suggestions For Solving Error 10401 That Occurred In The Dio Port Configuration

Today’s user guide has been created to help you when you receive error code error-10401 in Dio port configuration.

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    If you kept the existing code to yourselfOptions and decided to keep it as a peak distribution so you canUpdate your system’s library files to the latest version, perhaps this is your initiative.error code. If possible, the text I want to get back is definitely your old system.Keep VPs for yourself, and if you and your family have any of your personal VPs, theysaved in the .llb file, save that too. The VI then loads all the outermost .llbs into a newsystem and see if you have any problems.

    Let my family know if you are able andIf so, here’s how.

  • Error 10401 with SCXI-1600

    Hi everyone

    I have an SCXI-1600 based data acquisition system that already has LV6.1 software installed and would like to use it. improve from LV12.

    Finally when I tried to log the data with MAX I succeeded, it works great. but when i try to save the data in labVIEW in addition to the I-Waveforms function i get the attached error 10401.

    Can someone help me solve this problem?

    Thanks in advance

    Ahmed Elsayed

    This function belongs to the outdated traditional DAQ driver and therefore your DAQmx image is very busy with the device. You must submit all your code to DAQmx. DAQmx was introduced in LabVIEW Top 7. If you want to stick with an outdated driver, you’ll have to go back and change drivers, but support will be limited.

  • Error-200279 in combination with PCIe-6363

    I’m currently using a proper, simple vi to get voltage information through the DAQ-Secretary all the time.

    I am currently collecting 2 examples of 200,000 winnings continuously (to make it easier for you totime of random events).

    Wherever I bring reproduction samples, I suggest Fehler-200279: several times.

    In some other posts, I’m guessing this is because DAQmx’s saw function and your file’s write function produce different speeds, which can cause details to change.

    To solve this problem, should I apply a producer/consumer theme? And if so, can I also get advice on how to believe or not implement this with my existing vi?


    Hi davd24

    We always recommend running music I/O functions in a separate cycle from DAQmx read/write functions. As in your case, the time it takes to write to the file is usually more than the device filling up the buffer, which is where most of the errors you see occur. Therefore, propose a producer-consumer architecture. Here is the link to the tutorial:


    Also, an important link to an example consumer of community products with DAQmx functions:

    error-10401 occurred at dio port config


    If, after answering these questions, you learned something-something specific, let me know.

  • Restart of AO on PCIe-6321 completed?


    As stated in the thread, I will only output analog (X-series) plug-and-play restartable samples to a standard PCIe-6321 card.

    I created the triggers correctly: I take ownership of the trigger node, but the AO task runs shortly after it starts (resulting in pulses continuing to flow).

    Is it possible to implement something if I don’t need it?

    Help, the commission should support triggers and I don’t need bugs to configure the VP.

    Or did I mess up the concept and would it be better if the counters could be restarted a little more?

    error-10401 occurred at dio port config



    Hello Sebastian.

    The link was on a rather old link. This should definitely be more appropriate:

    Community: Generation of multiple update-generated stresses with restartable triggers – National Instruments

    To answer your question, the X series (like your pcie-6321) supports a resettable analog output. Maybe you have there was a compact hiccup with your code, I can’t figure out the distance exactly.

    Why does my Dio task result in unsupported?

    Unless everyone else has the all property set directly to an unsupported value, review other fixed properties as they may affect the scaled value of this property. Temporary DIO tasks for multiple devices require all modules they support to be of the same type. In this task, you select either all of your serial digitized modules or all of your parallel and digital modules.



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  • Windows 7 – PCI-PCI Bridge (Error∷ Code 10) – PCI Graphics Card

    Before I explain my problems again, I need to list what I’m using and what I’m trying to achieve.

    I’m running Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit, not beta or RC. I have 3 graphics cards in the title (listed below).
    -(PCIe) Evga GTX260

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