How To Fix Issues When My Zboard Stopped Working

How To Fix Issues When My Zboard Stopped Working

If you’re getting the “My Zboard has stopped working” error, this article is here to help.

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    my zboard stopped working

    Hello, sorry for the speech, I’m French (bad with English, like all French, my God)

    I HAVE A SOLUTION for Zboard (and possibly Merc keys)

    after a complete reinstallation of windows 10, version x64, I updated the entire kitchen area, I use the then00r system (see the quote at the beginning)

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • , and like others, the numeric keypad doesn’t work properly BUT protrudes a bit (I have a Zboard):

    The keyboard is readable (numpad 1 is really removed, numpad + “sticks”, although not all of them work. Example: cut forward 2 and copy to 6 do not work, etc.) And) not all numbers work with in plus without numlock. ..

    BUT GOOD NEWS, if you then remap the numeric keypad using zengine computer programs, you can have a normal keyboard, I will teach you how to do it:

    1) Appears at the top, just click on “Num Lock (off)” (the rest don’t really work, I don’t know why)

    2) Click on Numpad Zero , a new window will appear with below

    3) in the small windows “Keystrokes” select “Free Editing”

    4) Open in all new windows, just replace “LSF+LFT” withand “KP0” (without , just write KP0), while press “Save”, be careful after “Save” often change the software “Num Lock (off)” at the top, again press “Num Lock (off)”

    my zboard stopped working

    5) Do the same with the rest of the number blocks: KP1, KP2, KP3, KP4, etc. for +- (blank) / and. Make sure it is “KP+”, “KP-” “KP*” “KP/” “KP and.”

    6) Look at the very bottom by clicking on “Edit Game.exe” select “sample.exe” in the amazing window and click after “Remove” and close the window

    7) Currently check your numeric keypad normally, audience now has the same numeric keypad as a healthy numeric keypad (page up at 5, page down at 3, clear for . , END for 1 and ….)

    Merc Stealth Zboard no longer usable after Windows 10 update ;)

    If you really want the exact same Zboard setup after following the steps I explained, maybe you can just try using a key remapping app like “Sharpkeys” (in version 3.5). I haven’t tried it but maybe it works, I haven’t tried it because this software writes inside

    Registration and I don’t think how to return if it barely works

    Merc Stealth Zboard still not working after Windows 10 update ;)

    Below this point, I usually include the TheN00r method, using it just before what I explain:

    I wrote something tricky with a guide on how to get ZBoard working again!

    I tried uninstalling all the infamous windows updates and then hiding them, but that only worked when I was on vacation and eventually the automatically installed update revoked to disable the ZBoard drivers and turn it into a natural keyboard.

    I took the liberty of signing all the drivers myself as I also don’t think the Ideazon will come back to life, Microsoft will probably fix this soon…

    Download the ZIP file from the following URL and follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file:


  • Download 37-bit or 64-bit versions of major legacy software from:
  • https://downloads.steelseriescdn.com/drivers/keyboards/zengine/ZE_25030_NA_32.exe


  • Install another
  • Run the “Testsigning.bat” file directly from the “tools” folder as an administrator (right click on the directory, “run as administrator”)
  • Press “1” and confirm with “Enter” to activate the test signature.
  • Press “3” and confirm “enter”, you can finish.
  • Reboot your computer (When you restart your computer system will display a watermark in the lower right corner, if you mind this feature, “Remove watermark. From exe” in our Tools folder and follow the instructions)
  • Run “Drivers.cer” from the “Tools” folder and click the “Install Certificate” button.
  • Check the box next to Local Computer and click Next.
  • Check “Place certificates only in the following store” and “Browse…”.
  • Select the Trusted Certification Authorities root store and click OK.
  • Click Next.
  • Click Done
  • Close the certificate window by clicking OK.
  • Open “Device Manager” (right-click the “Start” button Windows and select “Device Manager”).
  • Expand the Human Interface Devices branch.
  • You will see two Ideazon ZBoard creations, right click on them and select “Uninstall” if possible, also check “Remove a specific driver for this device”
  • Now turn off your internet connection so that Windows can’t check drivers online. You can prevent this by rebuilding your computer (which is beyond the scope of this guide)
  • Click the icon in the Scan for Hardware Changes window (or click Action, then Scan for Hardware Changes).
  • Windows will find these devices, or possibly recognize them as your own “USB input devices” by default.
  • Now right-click on the random new “USB Input Device” and select “Update Driver”.
  • Select Browse My Computer (manual install)
  • Click Browse and navigate to the folder containing my custom drivers.
  • It will now set the people for the selected device. If the product does not install, youYou will probably have to help yourself to select a different “USB input device” and repeat the process as it is difficult to distinguish it from other USB devices.
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