Contains all of the following documents:

  • Utax CD-1116, CD-1120; Triumph Adler DC-2116, DC-2120 Service Manual – NO PARTS LIST – 278 pages

    In addition to what is shown above, also included:

  • Parts list DF-410
  • Parts list DP-410
  • JSC-410 Job Separator Parts List, Service Manual
  • Part Model List PF-410
  • utax cd 1116 troubleshooting

    List of equivalents (hover over to see related information). Below is a list of blueprint equivalents showing OEM machines (in bold/blue) that have been purchased by other companies under their acquired brands. Generally, error codes/machine parts are accurate for troubleshooting, but some of them can be changed to reputable company specs depending on the OEM type – you should check this when purchasing parts from your supplier. Toner, cartridges and othersConsumables may vary, so keep this in mind when purchasing different products. Model Equivalent

    manufacturer/model utax
    CD1116 Triumph Eagle DC2116
    . Kyocera KM-1650
    . Lexicon of Olivetti d-Copia 16MF
    colspan=”1″> Copystar CS-1650
    CD1120 Triumph Eagle DC2120
    . Olivetti Lexicon d-Copia 200MF
    colspan=”1″> Copistar CS-2050

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