Solving The Problem Of Checking The Disk On The Blue Screen Of Windows

Solving The Problem Of Checking The Disk On The Blue Screen Of Windows

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    This guide will help you if you have seen the Windows Blue Screen Check Disk. When you encounter a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error on your device, it is usually caused by a faulty or damaged hard drive. It is recommended to use a special command line utility and run the chkdsk /f command to fix errors on the hard drive (HDD or SSD) installed in your system.

    Sometimes, even when you’re working or playing games, Windows can crash unexpectedly and restart with a blue screen error. For some others, Windows 10 frequently reboots with a bsod error on startup. Especially shortly after a clean hardware install or a Windows 10 1903 update, you may encounter the BSOD error “Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart. articles, we have very effective solutions to fix Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7. 400″ ezaw=”580″>

    What Could Be The Blue Screen Of Death?

    Can chkdsk fix blue screen?

    In Windows 7, the Blue Screen of Death (BSoD) error code “0x00000024” is also called “NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM” and can be caused by data corruption on the hard drive. To fix this error, try running the chkdsk utility. If chkdsk is not working, try removing any newly added hacks that may be affecting your system.

    Can a faulty hard drive cause blue screen?

    Sudden reboots are a warning sign of a possible hard drive failure. As with the Blue Screen of Death, when it becomesTurns blue, your computer screen freezes and may need to be restarted. A clear sign of a serious disk failure is the computer crashing while trying to capture files.

    Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) on Windows 10,also known as “Stop Error” or “Error Checking”, is a well-known warning message about damaged hardware. and even software, drivers that force Windows to shut down. Or in simple words, when Windows detects a system, memory, or driver failure, it crashes and displays a BSOD error message. The following are some common Windows 10 blue screen error warnings.

    Fix Blue Screen Of Death In Windows 10

    Now let’s look at the solutions you can apply to fix and prevent BSOD errors in Windows 10.

    Whenever you encounter a Windows 10 BSOD error, the first step is to disable all external devices. Because sometimes new hardware devices and/or possibly driver conflicts can prevent Windows from working properly in the future. Disable all external gadgets like printer, external hard drive and restart your computer window. Check if my Windows starts normally. If yes, locate the problematic shared device connected to theOne by one and checking the match with another computer.

    Note. If Windows starts normally after a very simple reboot (run the software to avoid this error in the function below). However, if the blue screen at startup appears frequently and you cannot access the login screen, you should start Windows in safe mode. Windows starts with minimal system requirements and offers troubleshooting steps.

    Perform Startup Repair

    But sometimes, due to a blue screen error, users report that they cannot boot into safe mode, which may require performing a Startup Repair, which also detects and fixes the problem, which prevents Windows from starting normally.

    To do this, insert your own Windows 10 installation media into your home PC and boot from it (if you don’t have an installation copy, click the link below).

  • Enter the BIOS setup program by pressing the delete key.
  • Now to load, drag the tab and launch the screenen installation (CD/DVD or removable disk) on first boot.
  • Press F10 to save. This will reactivate Windows. Press any key to boot from the installation media.
  • First, set the language affinity, and then select the computer treatment option.
    • On the next screen, select -> Advanced Troubleshooting Options and click Startup Repair.

  • This will scan settings, domain configuration settings, and system files. Done
  • After the recovery process, Windows will restart and start normally.
  • Safe Mode From Advanced Options

    windows blue screen check disk

    If the repair actions in the Startup Repair results didn’t fix your computer, or if the auto-fix action didn’t help fix your computer

  • Then click More Options.
  • Then click Troubleshoot, Advanced Options.
  • Click Launch Options, then Restart.
  • Here, press F4 to enter the safeSafe mode, and F5 to enter safe mode over the web.
  • I hope Windows will boot into safe mode last this time,
  • Now in safe mode, follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix the BSOD errors.
  • Disable Quick Launch Feature

  • Open control panel
  • View your power options and select
  • click Choose what the power buttons do
  • Then you just need to change the settings that are not currently available.
  • Uncheck Enable fast launch (recommended) to disable the fast launch feature.
  • Look For Drives That Are Causing The BSOD Error

    How do you diagnose Windows blue screen?

    On Windows 8, 8, and 10, you can use the Action Center to troubleshoot and troubleshoot blue screen issues. In Windows 7, select Control Panel > System and Security. On Windows 8 and 10 successfully go to Control Panel > Security and Maintenance. The Maintenance section is a great place to look for solutions to any problems you may encounter.

    In most cases, an incorrectly installed or faulty driver can cause a system crash. Download and install the latest drivers from your PC manufacturer’s website – this can fix BSODs caused by car owner problems. However, if you find that the condition started while checking for the latest driver update, you can reproduce the driver rollback option to revert the current Switch to a previous version. Let’s see exactly how to update or reinstall a musical instrument driver in Windows 10.

    update drivers

  • Press Windows R, + type devmgmt and msc, open Device Manager.
  • Then go to the demo adapter,
  • Right-click View Installed Driver, click OK, and select Update.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to enable Windows Search along with installing the latest driver on all your computers.
  • Note. If you are in Protected Mode, you may not be connected to the Internet and Windows cannot download the latest driver from an updated database).

    Reinstall drivers

    windows blue screen check disk

    To do this, simply visit the device manufacturer’s website on another computer and download the latest driver available for the affected PC. For example, see how to reinstall the display driver in MS Windows 10.

  • Move problem PC. Open Applicator Manager
  • Expand video adapters,
  • Right clickClick View Members and select Remove.
  • Click OK and confirm Windows restart.
  • Next time you boot, specify the latest driver you downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
  • Driver Rollback

    Does sfc Scannow fix blue screen?

    First of all, it is always recommended to run “sfc /scannow” for the full scan process, which will take up to 30 minutes. Ideally, this will fix any corrupted solution files and solve your blue computer problem.

    When someone encounters the Windows 10 LCD blue screen error after a recent driver change. The Cause Rollback Golf Driver option is useful because it rolls back the runner to a previous version.

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  • Step 1: Open the ASR Pro software
  • Step 2: Click on "Start scan"
  • Step 3: Click on "Repair now" to start the repair process

  • Fix your computer now with this quick and easy download.